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Bespoke Showcase

Meticulously crafted by hand, Sadhbh’s bespoke pieces are a result of a one-to-one collaboration and exchange of ideas between designer and client. Elegant and refined, each softly sophisticated jewel is unique to the individual and forms a very personal connection with the wearer.

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Isabella Roux bespoke jewels 

A Bold Statement

A bespoke Isabella Roux jewel fuses the sinuous lines and sensuous curves that are our signature with the wishes and dreams of the client.

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Heirloom Stones

Add a new chapter to the story of your family heirlooms by allowing Isabella Roux to breathe new life into old treasures and transform inherited pieces into precious new keepsakes.

Customised Jewels

All of the jewels that you see on our website can be customised and personalised with the gemstone or design details of your choice.

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Love & Engagement

Creating a bespoke jewel to reflect your love, be it an engagement ring, wedding band or commitment ring, is an unforgettable experience. 

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“Organic, sensuous forms with a warm, natural beauty. Beaten gold that captures the sun’s radiant glow. Treasures, tumbled by the ocean. There is something wonderfully familiar about everything I create.”

Sadhbh Isabella Roux-Fouillet, Founder and Creative Director

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