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Born in Ireland, storytelling is in our blood. Working with you, we create jewels that capture your story in a fully bespoke or customised piece. All our jewels are handmade and can be tailor made especially for you, whether it be selecting your colour of gold or choosing the precious and semi-precious stones. 

Our Bespoke Services

Bespoke commissions

Create a bespoke jewel, or transform an heirloom piece. Each piece is a one-to-one collaboration and exchange of ideas between designer and client. 

Love & Engagement

Create a bespoke jewel to reflect your love, be it an engagement ring, wedding band or commitment ring. Our creative director will guide you through the bespoke process as to make something uniquely yours.

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Customised Jewels

Every Isabella Roux jewel is made by hand, and all of our creations can be customised to your wishes. Explore our collections and free your imagination. 

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Isabella Roux bespoke jewels 

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“Working closely with a client on a bespoke jewel is incredibly rewarding. More than simply designing a unique piece, it’s about creating a connection between client, designer and jewel. By getting to know the essence of a person — their passions and preferences, style and stories — we can create something that is uniquely theirs.”

Sadhbh Isabella Roux-Fouillet, Founder and Creative Director

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