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Sustainability at Isabella Roux

At Isabella Roux, we are always mindful of the origin of the precious materials we use in the creation of our jewels, and the impact they have on the natural environment.

Our materials

We work with environmentally sourced and sustainable materials wherever possible and our approach to sourcing is considered and conscientious, whether we are using natural or lab-grown gems. Our network comprises only responsible suppliers and manufacturers within Europe who we know and trust to provide us with stones that are kinder to people and the planet.

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Stone Sourcing

The question of whether to use lab-grown or natural diamonds in our bespoke designs is always led by the client. Creative director Sadhbh will help guide and educate you in your decision based on our experience and knowledge. Whichever you choose, we are always mindful about who we source from, only working with suppliers who are transparent about the social and environmental sustainability of their stones. Lab-grown diamonds are sourced only from ethical European companies who share our values. Their wider availability in recent years means that we can offer clients lab-grown stones that are better value than their natural counterparts and have a lesser impact on the environment. For those who are drawn to the inherent romance and rarity that only a natural diamond can bring, we also source exquisite natural diamonds at the request of clients, prioritising traceable, artisan-mined gems. We acquire coloured and fancy cut gemstones in a similarly mindful manner, working with generations-old businesses and dealers who trade in antique stones. These eloquent experts tell the story of their gems, from their creation in the earth millions of years ago to their setting in jewels for aristocratic families and, finally, their arrival in our hands. We also work with clients who have inherited treasured pieces of jewellery that are no longer worn. Using our bespoke service, we can rework designs and reuse precious stones, creating beautiful new family heirlooms.

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Our jewels are handcrafted in Europe by trusted artisans we have worked with for many years. These include small, family-run lapidary workshops that specialise in sourcing, cutting and carving gemstones and semi-precious stones from around the world. Our white and pink opal from Australia, lapis lazuli from Afghanistan and blue chalcedony from Turkey and Africa, among others, are all carved by experts that we know personally. 


With access to any stone or colour you can imagine, every stone is acquired and carved with care, to our clients’ wishes. Preference is given to the best quality pieces with the most beautiful colour and less overused and standardised semi-precious stones.

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“I choose every precious material personally at Isabella Roux based on how beautiful it is and how it impacts the world around us. Preserving nature and treating it with kindness are integral to how I live my life and what I want my atelier to be known for.”

Sadhbh Isabella Roux-Fouillet, Founder and Creative Director

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