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Like the ancient tales of Ireland that inspire us, Isabella Roux creates precious storytelling jewels to be treasured and passed down for generations. Designed by our founder, Sadhbh Roux-Fouillet.

One of a Kind

Isabella Roux specialises in creating bespoke jewels that are as individual as each client’s personal story. Crafted by hand and mind, these serene, sensuous pieces evoke the ancient beauty and weathered grandeur of the Irish coast.

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“Working with Isabella Roux on an engagement ring was such a special time for us both. It is an elegant, unique and thoughtful ring that we will be forever grateful to Sadhbh for creating so beautifully.”

Love & Commitment

Collaborating with our founder, Sadhbh, on a bespoke wedding, engagement or commitment ring is your chance to tell your unique story in a jewel that is a natural extension of yourselves.

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